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  • Is CBD oil causing my map-dot fingerprint dystrophy flare-ups?


    I have map-dot fingerprint dystrophy and have managed the flare-ups well with moisturizing drops and I moved to a non-forced air heating environment. However, recently I am suffering flare-ups and wonder if the CBD oil with THC that I take to help me sleep could be the cause.


    There is limited research on the effect of cannabinoids on the eye, since it has only recently become legal medicinally in certain states. However, they have been thought to be possibly beneficial in regulating corneal pain and inflammation (which may be relevant in neuropathic dry eyes) and in reducing eye pressure.

    In anterior basement membrane dystrophy, also known as map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy (when the normally smooth cornea develops irregular elevated “dots” on its surface) patients can experience painful episodes due to the fragile surface of the eye sloughing off causing a corneal abrasion. Often this happens in very dry environments, which is why artificial tear gels and ointments are recommended treatments. While exposure to cannabinoids can make the eyes red due to blood vessel dilation, I did not find any studies that linking them to increased corneal dryness or abrasions from anterior basement membrane dystrophy.

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