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  • Is the eye with stronger prescription the dominant eye?


    My right eye has always had the stronger prescription for my contact lenses. Does this indicate that my right eye is my dominant eye, and should be the one set for distance during cataract surgery?


    Eye dominance is measured separately from prescription. Just the fact that one eye has a stronger prescription does not make it the dominant eye.

    Most people have one eye that they use for distance activities (like sighting a gun or looking through a telescope). This is usually the “dominant eye.” Even when both eyes are open, the brain pays more attention what the dominant eye is seeing.

    With contact lenses or with intraocular lenses (after cataract surgery), some patients choose to have monovision where one eye is set to focus for distance and the other eye is set for reading or computer work. The dominant eye is typically set for distance vision.

    Answered by: 59495