• Is my eye healing after pterygium surgery?


    I recently had surgery to remove a pterygium (growth of fleshy tissue on the white of the eye). The graft (thin piece of normal tissue placed where pterygium was removed) is failing to "take" (blood vessels are not flowing through it). The graft is a pure white color when it should be red. What are the implications or risks long term? What should I do next?


    Pterygium surgery frequently involves the use of a graft from nearby conjunctiva (transparent membrane covering the white of the eye) to cover the defect formed by the removal of the pterygium. The surgery site may look different based on amount of healing after the surgery and specific method used to perform the excision. You should ask your surgeon if your eye is healing as expected. If the surgical site is clear without aggressive vessel growth, your surgery may be healing excellently. Ask your surgeon for further guidance.

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