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  • Is my lattice degeneration likely to stay the same in my 30s?


    I have lattice degeneration (thinning of retina) and read that it affects 10 percent of the population and that it reaches a maximum by the end of your 20s. When it says that it reaches a maximum, does that mean that the lesions do not increase after age 20? Does this also mean that the number of lattice lesions I have now (at age 33) is likely the same I had at 20?


    The study’s results may provide a general understanding of the disease process in the average lattice degeneration patient, but an individual’s experience may differ. Lattice degeneration happens in about 6-10 percent of the general population, but in those with nearsightedness, it occurs more often. Most people get lattice degeneration in their 20s, but it can still happen at age 30 and older. There is no age cut-off for the development or progression of lattice degeneration.  

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