• Is there any harm in using reading glasses to correct my distance vision after cataract surgery?


    Is there any harm in using reading glasses as temporary regular glasses after cataract surgery? My first eye ended up at +0.75, so I can't see clearly at distance unless I use my +1.75 reading glasses. I would only use them until I'm prescribed glasses in 2-3 weeks.


    There is no harm done to your operated eye by using reading glasses to enhance your distance vision after cataract surgery until your new distance glasses are prescribed. I am more concerned about the effect that might be happening to your un-operated eye by using the reading glasses for distance vision. Although it will not do any harm to the un-operated eye, it can cause headache, eyestrain, and possible problems with depth perception, which could impact driving, etc. Please be certain to discuss this with your ophthalmologist.

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