• Is there any reliable treatment for staphyloma?


    Is there any reliable treatment for staphyloma?


    Staphylomas are abnormal outpouchings of the sclera (white of the eye) or cornea where the choroid or iris is visible due to thinning of the overlying tissue. The eyeball is weak in these areas and the outpouchings can result in significant visual distortions. Usually staphylomas do not require treatment and remain stable.

    However if there is marked thinning of the slcera, then the staphylomas can be treated with scleral or corneal patch grafts (transplants of normal tissue that replace the damaged tissue). These treatments are reliable in improving the strength of the sclera and cornea respectively. Vision only improves in a small number of corneal staphylomas where significant astigmatism is corrected by the graft.

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