• Is there a link between colorblindness and dyslexia?


    Is there a link between colorblindness and dyslexia?


    Colorblindness affects up to 10 percent of the population, mostly men and boys. It is lifelong, but in most cases people can see brighter colors, whereas fainter colors may be hard to discern. Dyslexia is a condition where the brain has difficulty managing written information. There are many different symptoms of dyslexia.

    Color blindness should not affect the ability of a person to read normal black print. I am sure there could be children or adults with color blindness who, if asked to read pink or light green print, could have trouble. I would term this situation colorblindness and not dyslexia as the primary problem is with the eye, not the brain.

    Given the high number of people with colorblindness you can expect some patients to have both conditions, but they would not likely be related.