• Is there treatment for my niece’s leukocoria?


    I have an 8-month-old niece and she has leukocoria in her left eye. Is there treatment for this disease?


    Leukocoria refers to the appearance of a white pupil. The pupil itself is not white, but is instead picking up a white reflection from the back of the eye. This is usually noticed in a flash photograph, when a white reflex, or a white pupil reflection is seen in the photo rather than a normal red eye. Leukocoria can be a sign of a serious eye problem and a child who has a white pupil should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist immediately. Two conditions that can cause a white pupil include retinoblastoma (a cancer involving the retina) and cataracts. While white pupils in a photograph can indicate a serious problem, these are usually caused by the light reflecting in an unusual way in one of the eyes. This is especially likely to be the case if the white pupil is only seen in occasional photographs. A trip to an eye specialist is still recommended even if the problem is just seen in a photograph.

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