• Is there a way to treat juvenile onset glaucoma and reduce the amount of medication needed?


    My 18-year-old son has open-angle glaucoma and is on three bottles of drops several times each day. Is there a procedure that can be done to help lower his pressure from 25 and that will help to reduce some of the medications he is taking?


    Early or juvenile onset glaucoma can be a more difficult form of glaucoma to control with medications, especially due to the number of years that treatment will be required. However, if medications do control the eye pressure and are well tolerated, there are advantages to delaying the need for surgery, as surgery can work better as an individual ages, and there are potential complications from surgery. In addition, surgical procedures for glaucoma often do not last a lifetime, though in many circumstances they may. The fact that your son's pressure is still 25 suggests that even with the medications the pressure may not be adequately controlled at this time. It is important for you to discuss the goals of the treatment with your ophthalmologist and identify a target pressure that ideally will prevent any further loss of vision. If this cannot be reached with medications there are certainly procedures that can and should be considered.

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