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  • I think the prism is causing nausea?


    I have an extremely lazy eye. My eye doctor put a prism in my good eye and none in my lazy eye lens. Is this normal? I feel like my lazy eye is still wandering and my good eye almost seems fixated. It's making me feel motion sick. Will I adjust to this?


    This question is very difficult to answer based on the information provided. When you say extremely lazy eye do you mean that the vision is extremely weak or the eye position is extremely deviated? Also, I don't know why you were given prism—was it to get you to see the same object with both eyes at the same time so that you can potentially have stereovision; was it to treat symptoms of eye strain or double vision; or was it for cosmetic purposes? Without this information I cannot answer your question. Prisms sometimes do require an adaptation period that improves over time. I suggest you discuss this with the doctor who prescribed the prism and if you don't get a satisfactory answer, seek a second opinion with another ophthalmologist.

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