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  • Is there any way to increase eye pressure naturally or through surgery?


    Because of an accident I had eye surgery (vitrectomy, IOL). Due to this accident I now have low eye pressure (9 mmHg). Is there any way to increase eye pressure naturally or through surgery? Due to this low pressure I have blurred vision.


    I would doubt that a pressure of 9 mmHg would in itself cause blurry vision. I would assign the blame either to the accident itself which must have been substantial given the need for vitrectomy and lens replacement, or to some consequence of the surgery. There are somewhat heroic means to elevate the pressure for those with pathologically low pressures (below 3 or so), but a pressure of 9.0 is perfectly fine. You might discuss with your current ophthalmologist what is seen in your eye to be a cause for the visual blur.

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