• Do I need to have macular pucker surgery if it is not severe?


    I have been diagnosed with macular pucker and while the distortion that I have is not severe, it is nevertheless somewhat annoying, particularly when driving. My eye doctor suggested surgery but I question this since reading that normal vision never really returns after surgery. If the situation were one where my vision would continue to deteriorate, I might feel more inclined to have the surgery but I cannot seem to get a straight answer or even find a trusted surgeon. Is there a point where surgery might not be recommended since improvement would be marginal?


    If you are functioning pretty well and your vision is not progressively getting worse then you can hold off on surgery. If your vision is bothering your quality of life or has shown to be progressively worsening, then you should consider surgery. The decision also depends on your visual acuity and condition of the other eye. If your vision drops below that required for a driver’s license and you want to drive then you should consider surgery. Also note that most people develop cataracts after this type of surgery so you will likely need to have that done some time after the repair of the macular pucker. It is difficult to predict the actual visual outcome—most patients do note a significant improvement of distortion with surgery.

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