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  • Is it harmful to smoke marijuana with a gas bubble in my eye?


    Six days ago I had eye surgery to repair a detached retina. The surgeon placed a gas bubble in my eye as well as a buckle. I am familiar with the purpose and function of both the gas bubble and the buckle. My question is about marijuana use. I use marijuana on a recreational basis. I know that because marijuana is federally illegal, a doctor cannot tell me to use it. My question is whether or not it would be harmful to use marijuana while the gas bubble is still in my eye?


    While there is no research data that directly answers this specific question, there are also no reports of adverse effects of marijuana use on a gas bubble or the outcome of retinal surgery. There is no reason to suspect that it would cause expansion of the gas bubble (the major concern after retinal surgery). Marijuana use is associated with other health risks, so its beneficial effects must be balanced against the risk of permanent adverse effects.

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