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  • Migraine Triggers After Eye Injury


    I received an injury to my right eye when I was 12 years old—I’m now 24—and this injury left me completely blind. My retina was removed but the muscle is still functional and so was left in place. My left eye still remains in good health; however, I have had an increasing number of severe migraine headaches, which are also increasing in intensity. The most common trigger seems to be light exposure and it seems to be getting worse as less and less exposure is required. My question is whether the injury is likely related to the increased light sensitivity and subsequent headaches, or if that injury would likely have no bearing on it. Also, should I be concerned for the increase of frequency and intensity of these migraines? Can I reduce their occurrence? I typically have a high tolerance for pain, however even this problem is becoming too intense.


    With a history of injury to the right eye, it is important for the left eye to have a complete eye exam to make sure that there is no sympathetic inflammation of the fellow eye that can cause light sensitivity. If the exam of the left eye is completely normal, then it is best to be evaluated by a neurologist to determine what may be causing the exacerbation of your migraines and to work with you to develop a successful treatment regimen.

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