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  • Monthly Contact Lenses Versus Yearly


    I have tested yearly lenses vs. monthly lenses. Now, I have to chose again. The monthly are twice as expensive as the others, but are supposed to "allow more oxygen to arrive to the cornea." Is it true or just marketing?


    The choice of contact lenses involves multiple considerations. If the need is for a moderate correction with no more than moderate amounts of astigmatism, a planned replacement lens is the most common choice and, of these, a biweekly or monthly lens is most common. There are daily disposable lenses as well, but these are more expensive to use. The advantage of planned replacement is that a new lens will always have fewer deposits, especially proteins, on it. The deposits that develop on contact lenses over time with use can lead to chronic inflammation that can make contact lens wear intolerable. Therefore, I think planned replacement at a minimum of once a month is beneficial and I recommend it.

    This question was originally answered on Dec. 14, 2010.

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