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  • Is progression to stage 2 of Fuchs’ inevitable?


    I am 51 and have Fuchs’ but without a known family history. What is the timeline for progression to Stage 2, and is that progression inevitable?


    With Fuchs' dystrophy, there are fewer corneal endothelial cells than normal. We are born with a certain number of these cells, which pump fluid out of the cornea (the clear, dome shaped window at the front of the eye).

    In those with Fuchs', once the cell count drops below a certain minimal number, the cornea swells (expands) due to the excess fluid. Corneal swelling along with blurry vision throughout the day (stage 2 of Fuchs' dystrophy) usually doesn't happen unless the number of cells drops below 800-1000 cells/mm2 (cells per square millimeter). Many patients with Fuchs' dystrophy never progress to the stage where they notice compromised vision, especially in those with higher cell counts.

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