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  • Do you recommend any remedies for a dermolipoma?


    My daughter has had a dermolipoma since birth and is now 18. It generally doesn't bother her, except during allergy season. Her eyes get irritated and the dermolipoma swells up.

    Do you recommend a specific type of eye drop or any other remedies? We looked into surgery years ago, but it seems too risky.


    You may wish to try a nonsteroidal allergy drop such as Pataday, Alaway or Zaditor. These are available over the counter.

    Surgical removal, if the dermolipoma (a benign mass of tissue on the conjunctiva or eyelid, which is congenital or present at birth) covers a large portion of the eye, can harm the conjunctiva (thin transparent membrane covering the white of the eye) underneath it. As a result, if removal is indicated, only the portion visible to an external observer is generally recommended for removal.

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