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  • Ocular Implants and MRIs


    I had my left eye removed in 1958. The doctor placed an implant in the socket at that time. My question is, were the implants used at that time made of a substance or material that would prohibit me from having an MRI done now?


    Many different types of materials have been used for orbital implants. They range from glass, silicone, polymethylmethacrylate, hydroxyapatite, titanium and tantalum. These substances have little to no magnetic characteristics. Stainless steel does have ferromagnetic qualities.

    Because you do not have exact information regarding your implant, a plain X-ray may help to determine if it is metallic or not. If the implant is not metallic, MRI scanning should not present a problem. If metallic, further research would be needed to fully understand the magnetic qualities of the implant.

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