• What can I do to slow down my child's myopia progression?


    My son is 5 years old and has been prescribed glasses for myopia in both eyes. Can I do something to control the progression of his myopia?


    There are two schools of thought on pediatric myopia. Some feel that it is a genetically acquired disorder and the ultimate degree of myopia with aging has been set since conception. If myopia runs in the family, that would tend to support this conclusion.

    There are others that believe that pediatric myopia is worsened by excessive near vision activities in the child. They suggest that less reading and near vision activities would be better for the child.

    There has been no definitive evidence in favor of the second concept. The question remains, does the child read more and do more near activities because the child sees better "up close" or do the near vision activities cause the myopia?

    My own grandchild is a pediatric myope and I would never suggest diminishing her near vision activities.

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