• I get eye crust every morning and in the afternoon too. Is there a way to stop that?


    I get eye crust every morning and in the afternoon too (without taking any naps). Is there a way to stop that?


    Crusting on the eyelids usually indicates a chronic blepharitis (low grade infection of the eyelids).

    Try using warm (not hot) compresses three to four times a day. Wash away the dried material; do not let it accumulate. Ocusoft and TheraTears make commercially available, non-prescription cleansing pads which many patients find helpful. You may want to increase your intake of Omega 3 oils.

    If all of these measures fail, see your ophthalmologist. Underlying conditions such as dry eyes, rosacea, seborrhea, etc., may need to be treated as well. Recently, an antibiotic eye drop, Azasite (the same one as in a Z-Pak), used daily has been shown to be useful in some cases.

    Ophthalmologists divide blepharitis in anterior and posterior types to help direct treatment. A new machine which heats the eyelids and squeezes out the meibomian glands has become available for recalcitrant cases, but the treatments are not covered by insurance in most cases, are pricey, and often have to be repeated.