• AMD and usage of the Amsler grid


    I understand that a person with AMD (dry form) should check their vision with the Amsler Grid regularly and report any changes immediately to their doctor but why the urgency? Is there a treatment that is time sensitive? If so, what is this treatment? Is it also critical for a person with wet AMD to continue checking the grid? If so, why?


    The reason for detecting a change in the Amsler grid is to identify a change in the vision as soon as possible. A change in the grid may signify the development of abnormal blood vessels. This change may occur in some people with dry AMD and signifies the transition to wet AMD. Today, there are effective treatments available that can prevent further loss of vision in most people and actually improve vision in 30 to 40 percent of people. As a general rule, the sooner these treatments are started, the better the long-term result.

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