• ReSTOR IOLs and Near Vision


    I recently had cataract surgery with ReSTOR IOLs implanted. My distance vision is fine but my near vision for reading isn't so good. Unless the light is very bright, I need to use reading glasses. Will this contrast sensitivity problem improve over time?


    The ReSTOR lens is designed to reduce the dependency of glasses and cannot completely eliminate the need for glasses in every patient. However, in more than 80 percent of patients, they do not require any glasses to see irrespective of the distance.

    Approximately 20 percent of patients will need glasses for certain types of activities particularly for reading for long periods of time and while driving at night. As you noticed, if the light is increased while reading, this significantly improves the vision and you tend not to require glasses to see up close. The reason for this is the ReSTOR lens has many lenses built in, and the center-most portion of your new lens implant is being used the most when the light is increased because it decreases the size of your pupil (the black circle of your eye), thereby using that portion of the lens implant. It still is one of the best pieces of technology that we have to offer for those who want to reduce their dependency of glasses. In reference to your contrast sensitivity concern, in most cases, patients do report an improvement in this area and can take as long as 6 to 12 months to resolve. There are always risks with decreased contrast sensitivity with all types of lens implants, but the ReSTOR lens is indeed slightly higher.