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  • My blind eye has started wandering. How can I fix it?


    I lost complete vision in my left eye due to scar tissue growth after surgery for retinopathy. My right eye was also affected by retinopathy complications but has improved to 20/50 corrected which is amazing. I function quite well with monocular vision and have adapted well. The problem now is that my left eye is increasingly becoming more "lazy" and at times it looks as if I'm looking at my nose. Now my good eye is also beginning to drift toward the inside and I really look cross eyed. Is there anything that can be done to help my eyes or strengthen my eye muscles—especially in the eye that has no vision at all?


    Your eyes are wandering because the lack of vision in one eye is preventing the eyes from aligning themselves and moving together. You may wish to contact a strabismus surgeon to see if you might be a candidate for cross eyed surgery or a botulinum toxin injection to an eye muscle. Of course, any intervention may not last because of the lack of vision in one eye.

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