• Why do I see double after reading?


    After I read for a while, I cannot see clearly in the distance. I see double. Why is that?


    Many people have this same problem and it is called cilliary spasm. There is a muscle inside the eye called the cilliary body which causes the eye to focus from distance to near vision. If a person reads for a long period of time, without a break, this muscle can go into spasm and not change the focus the way it is supposed to do when looking into the distance. After a while the muscle will relax and the distance focus will return. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to take a brief breaks from reading vision every 20 minutes or so and rapidly look into the distance and then back up close a few times, almost as if you were flexing and relaxing a muscle in your arm. This should help your problem. You also want to make certain that your eyeglasses prescription is updated and correct. Your ophthalmologist can help with this.

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