• Can I have correction surgery while my prescription is changing often?


    I am 25 years old, and have fairly high myopia (currently -7.50 in both eyes). I have been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 14. My eyes had been -7.00 for a couple of years, but changed .5 over the last year. This change is frustrating, as I would love to eventually get LASIK, PRK, or ICL surgery, but cannot do so due to my eyes continuing to change. My question is two-fold: Should I be concerned that my prescription continuing to worsen at 25? I was under the impression that my prescription should have stabilized by my early 20s. Also, is there a type of surgery that is generally considered better than another for high myopic prescriptions such as my own? I already have floaters and know that I am at higher risk for retinal tears and detachment. I would like to avoid increasing these risks.


    At your age having as little as .5D of change is normal. I would advise ICL (implantable contact lens) as this would leave your cornea untouched. Thus, if you needed a bit more treatment as you age, you could easily have a small amount of LASIK/PRK performed to sharpen up your vision. Of course, this is only an educated guess. Please see your ophthalmologist for a proper evaluation so that a surgical plan can be established.

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