• Should I be concerned that my son has different colors within his iris?


    My 3-month-old has dark brown eyes, but his right eye also has a slice of light brown. I don't know if this is sectoral heterochromia, however he is of Asian descent (I've heard that sectoral heterochromia is more common amongst Caucasians). He seems to be developing normally otherwise and he does not show symptoms of any disease. Should I be concerned?


    Heterochromia is the presence of different colors in the iris either between both eyes or in the same eye. While a baby's eye color changes commonly during the first year of life, you may be able to tell if there is sectorial heterochromia, where a portion of the eye is a different color. Since ocular melanoma (cancer of the eye) is very rare in childhood, often this is a benign (harmless) increase in pigment (color) in the iris. However, discolorations of a portion of the iris could represent signs of other conditions, which need to be treated. A pediatric ophthalmologist can evaluate the iris of your infant and guide you further if any investigation is warranted.

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