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  • Should I get surgery for my double vision if a prism no longer corrects it?


    I have experienced progressive diplopia (double vision) for the past 15 years and now it’s no longer corrected with prisms in my glasses. Four months ago, I was diagnosed with esotropia and strabismus. My doctor is suggesting that I have surgery to correct the condition. What are my chances of improved vision if I have the surgery? My vision becomes clear when I close or cover my right eye.


    A slowly progressive esotropia (a type of crossed eyes when one or both eyes turn inward) with double vision is probably not something bad, but I would need more information regarding your medical history in light of your age to be certain. In many cases a prism can be successfully used but at times the deviation grows to be so large that surgery is needed to put your eyes back in a range where the prism can be used to correct your double vision. I would suggest if you are concerned to seek a second opinion from another ophthalmologist specializing in strabismus and double vision.