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  • Should I go without reading glasses if I have a multifocal IOL?

    I had a multifocal IOL placed in my eye during the surgery a few days ago. Will it help my brain adjust to near vision by not wearing reading glasses or are there other ways to help my brain adapt to near vision better?

    This would depend on the other eye. If your multifocal IOL was just recently inserted then you may need some time for the vision to clear at all distances. Also, if your other eye requires spectacles to read this may be a barrier to reading without glasses. 

    Multifocal IOLs tend to work best after being inserted in both eyes. Multifocal IOLs are not guaranteed to eliminate the need for spectacles at all distances, and there may be times when glasses may help for distance, reading or in between.

    To your question, I do find that if the reading is good enough without using glasses, then not using them may help you acclimate to your new ability to read and allow the brain to choose the near image to focus on.

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