• Sjogren's Syndrome Treatment


    I am suffering from Sjogren's syndrome. Currently I am using Eyemist Forte, but it isn't helping. Can you suggest other medications?


    I'm sorry that you have Sjogren's syndrome as it can be difficult to treat successfully. If there were a universally successful medication or treatment, all ophthalmologists would prescribe it instantly because this is a frustrating disease for ophthalmologists, but it is especially frustrating for patients. I would suggest that you try several artificial tear preparations available in a pharmacy. You may find that a tear solution or even an artificial tear ointment will help you. There are several different drops and ointments to try, and some will be more comfortable for you than others. If you find that over-the-counter drops don't help, your ophthalmologist should be able to offer other methods of treatment such as plugging your tear drainage tubes. Although Sjogren's syndrome cannot be cured at this time, there are many treatment options, and in the majority of cases patients can be made comfortable.

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