• Is there a special glasses prescription available to accommodate long eyelashes?


    I read online about a glasses prescription that included a curvature of the lens to accommodate long eyelashes that rub on a regular lens and cause smudges. I have this problem, and every doctor I have seen has told me to cut my eyelashes. To do that, I would have to remove my glasses and I would not be able to see clearly enough to cut the lashes. I’m also afraid to have scissors that close to my eye without clear vision. Are there special opticians/ophthalmic practices that offer this type of prescription?


    The curvature of the lens is influenced by the needed prescription. Having said that, the position of the lens with respect to your lashes can be modified by shape of the frame and the fitting on your nose. A good ophthalmologist/optometrist will likely be able to help you with this.

    Alternatively, take off your lenses and consider contacts or LASIK (if appropriate) so that you can enjoy your long lashes (lucky you). Your eye doctor can also help trim your lashes as well.

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