• Can you tell me anything more about three snip procedure for blocked tear duct?


    I have had problems with excessive tearing in one eye for several months and have been diagnosed with a blocked tear duct. I have been using conservative methods like steroid drops, massage and compresses to try to resolve the blockage. I’ve also have been on antibiotics for chronic sinusitis. My ophthalmologist now wants to do a three snip procedure. I read some patients have problems after the three snip triangular is done. Can you tell me anything more about this procedure?


    The "three snip procedure" is an office operation that opens the entry way to the tear duct system. I am not aware of many people having a problem with this simple procedure. It will only work if the remainder of the lacrimal drainage system is properly operational and does not have a blockage deeper in the system. I suggest that you talk to your ophthalmologist and ask about the rest of your lacrimal drainage system prior to the "three snip system" procedure.

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