• Why do I need to have my vision-correcting lens Implant removed when I have cataract surgery?


    I had Verisys lens implants placed eight years ago (an alternative to glasses to correct vision) and now have cataracts developing and my surgeon said he would have to remove the Verisys lens implants during the surgery to fix the cataract. Why can't the lens implant be left in and the natural lens be replaced as in a normal cataract surgery?


    The Verisys lens must be removed at the time of the cataract surgery as it sits in front of your cloudy natural lens which will be removed. Leaving the Verisys lens in would block the cataract surgery. Additionally, when you have cataract surgery, a new artificial lens (called an intraocular lens or IOL) replaces the cloudy one. This IOL takes the place of both your Verisys lens and your natural lens with the cataract. I am sure your ophthalmologist will be happy to discuss this more fully with you.

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