• Will Vitamins Help My Macular Pucker?


    My retina was injured during cataract surgery and I have a macular pucker. My vision in the injured eye is wavy and distorted. Will Ocuvite 50+ help that condition? If not, what in your opinion will?


    Any entry into the eye can disrupt the fluids and adjacent tissues in the back of the eye. Cataract surgery is such an entry event. Commonly the area around the macula will accumulate fluid (edema) and when this subsides, usually everything normalizes. But sometimes the lining of the vitreous (the gel within the back of the eye filling most of the space) will thicken in response to the edema and when it subsides, the thickened lining contracts by wrinkling, which disturbs the vision. This is a mechanical event and will not respond to oral medications like Ocuvite or prescribed medication. Hopefully yours is making a minimal disturbance in the vision and you can live with it. If the disturbance is more than you can tolerate or if it is progressively worsening, there is a retinal surgery termed 'peeling' which can remove the membrane causing the trouble. You can get an idea about this and the risks from a retinal surgeon.

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