• What can be done to treat my eye that moves and bulges when I talk and eat?


    I was born with an eye that pops out (eyeball expands and eyelid goes up) when I move my jaws (eating, talking, etc.). Six years ago I had my eyelid reduced to minimize the bulging or obviousness of this, but it's not helping. I recently saw an eye doctor and he sent me to be checked for thyroid eye disease and he says everything is normal. This means I have to eat alone and avoid talking/presenting, etc. I just started on my career and it is not working out. Should I give up on getting any kind of help?


    You may have a Marcus Gunn or Jaw winking syndrome (a problem with the nerves where jaw movement causes the eye(s) to blink). Your eyeball is not expanding, the eyelid is retracting. An oculoplastic surgeon may be able to help you through surgery. The decision to have surgery to correct this procedure must be made after carefully weighing the risks and benefits with your oculoplastic surgeon.

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