• What happens if a stroke in the eye isn’t treated?


    My mother is 87 and found that she had a stroke in her eye. Injections or medicine was mentioned. What if she decides to do nothing?


    A "stroke" in the eye is a fairly generic description that refers to the blockage of blood flow in the eye. However, the outcome of a stroke without treatment can vary, depending on whether the blockage is in the optic nerve, a central retinal vessel, or a branch retinal vessel. Furthermore, the prognosis differs if the blockage was in an artery or a vein. Some of these conditions have a high chance of improving on their own, some have little chance of improving regardless of treatment, and some may have a superb response to treatment. It is important to learn more details about the stroke, and then ask the ophthalmologist specifically about the prognosis with and without treatment.

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