• What IOL is best if I’ve had a stroke?


    I am planning for cataract surgery next spring and trying to compare the various IOLs as they would affect my balance problems from an old cerebellar stroke. Would it be useful for me to consult with a neurologist as I consider my options?


    I don’t think most neurologists would have a deep understanding of IOL designs and their effects. The best physician to speak to about this is your cataract surgeon. If your old cerebellar stroke causes problems with your vision, balance or eye movements, your surgeon might consult a neuro-ophthalmologist. The simplest thing to do to minimize potential side effects after surgery would be to choose a monofocal lens or a toric lens (if you have astigmatism).

    While there is little clinical data that discusses multifocal IOLs and neurological disease, multifocals do occasionally create symptoms that in theory could worsen your existing visual function. Your cataract surgeon will be able to help you decide on the best IOL option for your specific situation.

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