• What is the best type of lens to correct my vision after cataract surgery?


    I am extremely myopic (nearsighted) in both eyes (-5.0 diopters in left eye and -9.25 diopters in right). My current progressive glasses correct for -5 in the left eye but only -7 diopters in the right. The doctor said to correct my right eye fully would cause too much refractive difference between both eyes and cause dizziness. He also said I have a cataract in my right eye and that I may see better if I had cataract surgery in both eyes. We didn't discuss details. What would be the best way to get both my eyes working well together? I need to see long distance (driving), close up (reading), and intermediate (I use my computer a lot). I've read that some of the fancy new IOL lenses cause some people problems and the monovision ones may be best. If I get best monovision correction for both eyes for distance, would I be able to read and use my computer with or without progressive eyeglasses? I've worn glasses most of my life and that won't bother me if necessary. What would be my best fix?


    First, I would not consider monovision unless you have previously tried it in contact lenses prior to doing this surgically—not everyone adjusts to the difference between eyes. Multifocal or accommodating lenses (Crystalens) may be a choice (if available in the power needed for your eyes) and could provide you with the range of vision you desire. Visual side effects are possible with the multifocal choice but usually go away in a few months for most patients. An easy choice would be to correct both eyes for distance and wear some readers. This offers the least chance of visual side effects.

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