• Cataracts


    Can you please explain what is multifocal cataract surgery? I didn't realize there was any other type of surgery besides the 'plain ole cataract extraction with lens implant' until a friend of mine emailed me and mentioned it and asked me about my surgery. Thanks in advance for your help.


    All cataract surgery includes a lens implant to refocus the eye. The standard implant for years was a monofocal implant, designed to focus the eye either for distance vision or reading vision (monovision). Many patients chose to have one eye focused for distance and one for near to reduce their need for glasses. For the last few years, multifocal implants and accommodating implants have been available. These implants are designed to have a focus for near and far vision out of the same eye, much like a progressive bifocal in glasses. These implants are not covered by Medicare or insurance policies and so patients must pay additional fees if they choose one of these premium implants. Some patients with these implants may notice more glare and halos at night, so the pros and cons of these implants must be discussed with the surgeon.

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