• What will my range of focus be like if I have IOL set for near- or mid-range?


    If I have the IOL implant lenses set for near- or mid-range, will the actual range of focus be any greater for near- or mid-work than it would be if the IOL lenses are set for distance? The main distances I need are: 14" (reading), 20" (playing the pipe organ), and 36" for reading student's music while teaching.


    The focal point will be very narrow for mid/near and distance will be blurry. If set for distance do not expect any near- or mid-distance. A multifocal lens may be a better choice for what you are seeking. Another option would be modified monovision, with one eye set for reading and the other set for intermediate – this might allow you to see at all three of your target ranges without glasses, but would require glasses correction for distance. Of course, your degree of astigmatism will affect the success of any implant lens scenario and may need correction with a toric lens or corneal procedure to achieve the best vision in your target range without glasses.

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