• How soon can I swim after I get PCO surgery?


    I had cataract surgery performed a little over two weeks ago and will need YAG laser to take care of posterior capsule opacification. I have two questions: How soon can this procedure be done and how soon after this procedure can I snorkel and swim?


    There is no specific waiting period for treating posterior capsule opacification (or PCO, a clouding of the lens-supporting structure that often occurs after cataract surgery) after cataract surgery. As a general rule I like to wait three months just to be sure that there is no persistent inflammation or other issues related to the cataract surgery. If the PCO is very severe and is intolerable then YAG laser can be performed sooner if necessary.

    Different doctors have different rules about snorkeling and swimming after cataract surgery. I usually recommend about one week of no swimming. There is no scientific basis for that. There need be no waiting period for swimming after YAG laser treatment of PCO.

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