• When will I be able to see after vitrectomy surgery for a macular hole?


    Will I be able to see when I wake up after vitrectomy (surgery that removes the gel inside the eye to fix problems with the back of the eye) for a macular hole? I’m having my only good eye operated on. The other eye is a lazy eye. I am 85 years old.


    You will not have good vision in the operated eye when you wake up for two reasons. First, it is likely that your eye will be patched for at least a few hours after surgery. Second, you probably will have a gas bubble or air bubble in the eye which will make you very nearsighted. How long this will last depends on the type of bubble your surgeon puts in your eye. You should discuss this issue with your surgeon prior to surgery. Also, it is important to know that you cannot fly in an airplane or go up to high altitudes as long as there is a bubble in your eye. Before surgery, you may wish to cover the eye with the macular hole to determine how well you can do with the lazy eye.

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