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  • When will my vision recover after endophthalmitis?


    I am 43 and had cataract surgery on my left eye. Two weeks later it was discovered that I am suffering from an endophthalmitis infection and I was treated with injection. It is two days after I was given an injection and I am having corneal edema (swelling). My question is will my vision come back to normal once the swelling caused by corneal edema is treated and gone? And how it may take to get back my normal vision?


    Endophthalmitis is a serious infection that can cause significant damage to multiple structures inside the eye. The recovery of vision depends on which structures are damaged during the infection. The majority of the time, clouding of the vitreous gel or retinal damage are more significant contributors to poor vision than from corneal damage. Therefore, even if corneal edema resolves, in many cases the vision unfortunately remains poor due to significant retinal scarring. Only if corneal edema is the lone remaining symptom after the infection has been treated, will the vision return to normal after the edema is treated. It usually takes multiple weeks to months for the eye to recover after endophthalmitis.

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