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  • Why can't my cataracts be removed now?

    I have been diagnosed with cataracts and want them removed, although my doctor said removal is not medically necessary. I am experiencing glare during night driving, blurry vision, and watery eyes. Why would I be required to wait for surgery?


    The decision about timing for cataract surgery is usually made based on three factors: your symptoms, your measured visual acuity (with and without glare), and the appearance of your cataract. If all three factors suggest your cataract is the primary cause for your visual difficulties, then surgery is a reasonable option to improve your vision and is generally covered by your insurance (or “medically necessary” to improve your vision). Cataracts can technically be removed when they are very early, but if the three factors to not meet certain criteria, then your insurance may not agree with the decision for surgery, and you may have to pay out-of-pocket.

    In your situation, the watery eyes are not a cataract symptom, but if the glare with night driving and the blurry vision are not improved with new glasses and the surgeon can document that your eyes are otherwise normal and your vision (with or without glare testing) is less than 20/20, then cataract surgery is typically an option.

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