• Should we be concerned that my daughter’s nearsightedness is gone?


    My daughter had glasses to correct nearsightedness for a year or so. Now the doctor says her vision is 20/20. Does this happen often or should I take her to get a second opinion?


    You don't indicate the age of your child nor the eyeglass power she was prescribed. The most common explanation for a “reversal” of nearsightedness is that the initial measurement was in error. A reversal of myopia may also be noted after normalization of acute high levels of blood glucose in patients. I would guess your child had a very small measurement of myopia to begin with, and with an additional year of maturity, she is better equipped to cooperate and follow instructions well while reading the chart. A year later she’s more able to successfully perform the test and it now accurately reflects her vision. There is no need for a second opinion unless she is struggling without glasses.

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