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  • Why do binoculars eliminate my IOL halos?


    I have minor halos from multifocal IOLs. My vision is awesome at all distances except for the halos. However, I noticed that when looking through binoculars, the halos vanish. What is it about the binoculars that causes this and are there glasses I could buy to get the same effect?


    The halos are related to the intraocular lens (IOL) design, which has circular rings of correction. The binoculars cut off the external (non-parallel) rays of light from entering the eye. This decreases the amount of light hitting the peripheral rings of correction in the IOL.

    There is really no way to do this with any glasses, but you may ask your surgeon to prescribe some drops that you can use to make the pupil smaller. This may decrease but not eliminate the halos.

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