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  • Why do patches help vision while eye exercises don't?


    If eye exercises don’t help vision, how does an eye patch help a weak eye?


    Generally, eye exercises do not improve blurry vision or treat eye disease.  In some cases, eye exercises may be useful for a problem called convergence insufficiency (when the eyes have trouble working together for near focus). Also, changing focus during near work with the  “20-20-20 rule” may help with symptoms of digital eye strain. Ask your ophthalmologist if eye exercises can help you.

    An eye patch can help a weak eye in some children with amblyopia. Patching the better seeing eye works by forcing the weaker eye to see. The dedicated time using the weaker eye results in better development of vision in that eye.

    Patching a child who has not been assessed by an ophthalmologist can lead to unnecessary treatment and could actually cause the eye being patched to become weak. So, patching should not be started by a parent without direction from your ophthalmologist.