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  • Why has my near vision gotten worse after LASIK?


    I had LASIK and was told I may have a "little" reduction in my close-up vision. But after the procedure I basically can’t see anything close-up. I can’t see who is calling me on my iPhone and I can’t tell the time on my watch. Is this normal?


    Normally people will need reading glasses after about age 40. That is an approximation, with some people going longer without needing glasses, and some people needing them sooner. That is because as we age, the lens inside the eye becomes less flexible and does not focus up close like it did in younger years. For people who are nearsighted, they can see up close, but not at distance. If a nearsighted person has LASIK with full correction for distance vision, then they become more like a "normal" person who is subject to needing reading glasses. I suspect you are over or close to age 40. Enjoy the good uncorrected distance vision, but you will likely need glasses for reading or small print. Talk to your LASIK surgeon about your findings.

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