• Why Have My Contacts Stopped Working?


    I have been wearing 2-week disposable contacts for eight years. All of a sudden, my contacts hardly improve my vision and are blurry. I tried a fresh pair but it was the same. They feel the same in my eye but just don't work. Any idea why? I'm wondering if it's because of winter dryness.


    You should get your contact lenses checked by your ophthalmologist every year. Your contact lens prescription may have changed, or the type of lens may not be suitable for you anymore. Over the past 10 years there has been huge improvement in contact lenses and contact lens cleaners—there are now special lenses for people who need bifocals, for people with dry eye, and for people who form heavy protein on their contacts. There are also special cleaners, which are great for people with allergies, dry eyes, and sensitive eyes. At the yearly exam, your ophthalmologist will ask how you are doing — are you happy with the comfort, the vision for all activities, and the handling of the lenses. Then, your ophthalmologist will check you vision for distance and near, and look at the fit of the contacts, and then see if you should change contact lens type, fit, prescription, or cleaners.

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