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  • Will I still need to wear prisms to correct double vision after cataract surgery?


    I had a spontaneous tear and retinal detachment in my right eye. After two vitrectomies (surgery that removes gel inside eye to treat retinal conditions) and three in-office procedures, the detachment and tear were both fixed and stabilized. A cataract has developedafter the second vitrectomy. I have double vision that is corrected by prisms in my prescription to a level I can tolerate, although not perfect. My ophthalmologist plans on replacing both lenses due to large discrepancy between eyes (4 diopters). Will I still require the prisms after the lens replacement?


    The answer depends on whether you have a muscle weakness or just an imbalance between the eyes since the prescriptions are so different. If it is due to the imbalance, the lens replacement will take care of the problem. If you still have double vision after the procedure, your surgeon may want you to see a muscle specialist to evaluate the muscle actions themselves.

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