• Will Mom Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery?


    My mom has double vision and has prisms in her glasses. She will be having cataract surgery soon. She also has a considerable amount of astigmatism and is not going to do the toric lens implant. I guess my question is will they correct for astigmatism and double vision with glasses? She says that she can see well close up. From what I am reading that is common with cataracts and after cataract removal, she will need glasses for close up. So the question: she will probably wear glasses for astigmatism, double vision, and reading?


    In short, yes. Since your mom has chosen not to have the astigmatic correcting lens implant she will require the astigmatism correction in spectacles. Since your mom has an imbalance in eye movement that requires prism lenses in her spectacles, she will need prism spectacle lenses after the cataract surgery. It sounds like your mom is going to have an implant that focuses for distance, so she will need near vision assistance in her glasses. I suggest that you and your mom discuss her situation with her ophthalmologist.

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